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Eclipseina EC-LIB® Functional Library

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Is this your Issue?

  • Do you spend significant time and resources developing trivial functions?
  • Is your view of the essential core of the development obscured by banal work?
  • Are core competencies pushed into the background by basic and time-consuming functionalities?
  • Is painstaking work distracting you from making the most of the potential of your development skills?

Focus on your development competencies and leave painstaking work to Eclipseina EC-LIB.

What is EC-LIB ?

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Eclipseina EC-LIB is a modular library consisting of optimized mathematical and control-related functions.
It is designed for the development of embedded software and employs fixed point arithmetic for all computing operations that are being processed.
EC-LIB is implemented in C.

Introducing Eclipseina EC-LIB Functional Library

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