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Powerful static analysis tool focused on the C and C++ languages

Company Profile

Gimpel Software LLC was founded in 1984 for the purpose of providing software tools for programmers. Its focus in recent years has been the static analysis of C and C++ programs. The company offer two products in this area: PC-lint for C/C++ (current version 9.0) and the new PC-lint PLUS, fully supporting C++11, C++14 and most of the soon-to-be published C++17 Standard. Both products are configured to operate under Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 98, ME and 95; PC-lint also runs under MS-DOS.

GIMPEL SOFTWARE is headquartered in Collegeville PA, USA.


Debugging eats 50% of most projects' schedules. The average developer has a 5 to 10% error rate. Anything that trims that rate even a smidgen saves a lot of money.

The leader in the field of static analysis is PC-lint for C/C++ and PC-lint PLUS for C/C++ from Gimpel Software. Being the company's key product, PC-lint, has evolved over the years to the No.1 industry leading tool for static code analysis. The quality and maturity of PC-lint has made it the samurai sword of development tools. This little gem is a source code analyzer that finds everything that is wrong with your code. As a time saving tool, nothing beats PC-lint. If you're hunting for bugs, or trying to improve the quality of code to prevent bugs from happening in the first place, PC-lint is the tool to have. It not only does its job well, it does it far better than any other tool in its class.

PC-lint is a power tool that just about every C and C++ programmer should have. Its ability to find subtle semantic and syntactic errors will save you time and make your programs more robust. Users find this tool to be indispensable. Usually PC-lint pays for itself in the first week. It either will find dormant bugs and potential porting problems or will reassure you your code is clean; either way, you can rest easier.


CARNICA TECHNOLOGY is authorized partner of GIMPEL SOFTWARE and sells and supports the products and services of GIMPEL SOFTWARE as Distributor for Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Eastern Europe.