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Understanding the Workflow with EC-LIB® Functional Library

Easy-to-use and efficient Solution

The EC-LIB consists of mathematical and control-related functions that are implemented in C. The functions are structured into packages, such as filter, controller, interpolation. The EC-LIB has been designed for the development of embedded software and employs fixed point arithmetic for all computing operations that are being processed.
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Benefits of EC-LIB Functional Library

EC-LIB provides you with time savings, high-quality functions, increased efficiency and correct results.
Start with the low-cost precompiled version and switch your more demanding work to the source variant of EC-LIB. The Upgrade is always possible.

Time Savings

Faster development by using ready-made functions:

  • Do not waste your time programming typical standard functions.
  • Develop faster and more efficient with EC-LIB with less disruptions in the work process.
  • Refer to a well written and complete reference documentation.

High-Quality Functions

Make you software development less error prone with well tested functions:

  • Reduce the error rate by automatically handling typical errors like overflows, underflows or division by zero within the functions.
  • Enable high quality results with runtime and memory optimization.
  • Meet safety requirements through appropriate development processes and numerical stable, well tested functions.

Increased Efficiency

Focus on core your business:

  • Use your technical know-how and time on implementing demanding development tasks, rather than programming classical functions of fixed-point arithmetic or troubleshooting of standard functions.
  • Benefit from the ease-of-use of the EC-LIB® fixed-point functions.
  • Take advantage of floating point and fixed-point arithmetic functions, combined and integrated into the solution.
  • Get your FREE specially designed web-tool providing copy and paste code snippets.

Correct Results

Reduce rounding errors in intermediate results to a minimum:

  • Reduce deviations in the results with optimized functions to next to nothing.
  • Ensure that value represents the result as accurately as possible with fixed-point arithmetic with combined functions for more complex calculations.

Hedging for the Future

Start with the cost sensitive precompiled version and continue with the source variant for more demanding products:

  • In addition to the precompiled version the functions are available also as source code variant. Protect yourself for the future: you have complete control over your program content.
  • Port your projects using EC-LIB® functions to other microcontrollers at any time and use it for future products.

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