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Embedded Software Development Solutions

Carnica Technology offers a complete portfolio of core solutions for embedded systems and software development.

The following overview gives you a brief look at our middleware portfolio, consisting of Core Libraries, embedded Connectivity Tools, embedded Security and Cryptography Solutions.

Segger Core Libraries - Embedded MiddleWare

  • emWin - Graphic Software and GUI
  • emFile - Embedded File System
  • emCompress - Compression System
  • emLoad - Embedded Applications Updater
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Segger Embedded Connectivity / Internet Solutions

  • embOS/IP - TCP/IPv4/v6, ARP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCPc, BSD
  • emUSB Device - High Speed USB Device Stack
  • emUSB Host - Host Software Stack
  • emModbus - Host Software Stack
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Segger Embedded Security and Cryptography

  • emCrypt - Use Cryptography for Secure Application
  • emSecure - Use Digital Signatures to protect your Products
  • emSSL - Enable secure Connections with Secure Socket Layers
  • emSSH - Enable secure Login to your Embedded Application
  • emLib - Collection of Software Modules: AES, DES, CRC, ECC
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Eclipseina Functional C Library

  • EC-LIB - Modular C Library for mathematical and control-related functions
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