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SEGGER Software

J-Link Software Package Components

J-Link software components are included to enhance the functionality of your J-Link.  Please find a list of included software components below.


These software components require a separate license (each component). To make it as simple as possible, there are J-Link models available which already come with built-in licenses for these components. For more information, please refer to the J-Link Model Overview.

For users who already own a J-Link without built-in licenses for these software components, a license key may be purchased here separately:

The J-Link Configurator makes it easy to manage all the J-Links in your development and product environments.

A screenshot of J-Link Configurator shows the main application while several J-Links are connected via USB and Ethernet.
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J-Link GDB Server

J-Link GDB Server is an application acting as a server for debuggers or IDEs communicating with the J-Link debug probe via TCP/IP using the GDB protocol. It allows using J-Link with GDB and the growing number of debuggers and IDEs that use the same protocol. Read more

The J-Link Remote Server is a small server application that allows using J-Link remotely via TCP/IP. Read more

J-Link Commander (JLink.exe) is a command line based utility that can be used for verifying proper functionality of J-Link as well as for simple analysis of the target system. It supports some simple commands, such as memory dump, halt, step, go etc. to verify the target connection. Read more


J-Mem displays memory contents of ARM-systems and allows modifications of RAM and sfrs (Special function registers) while target is running. Read more

J-Link SWO Viewer is a tool which allows showing terminal output of the target performed via the SWO pin. Read more


J-Flash is a PC software running on Windows (Windows 2000 and later) systems, which enables you to program the internal and external flash of your microcontroller via J-Link. Read more

The J-Link software comes with an additional feature, called Unlimited Flash Breakpoints. Unlimited Flash Breakpoints allow the user to set an unlimited number of breakpoints when debugging in flash memory. Read more

The JLink-RDI / RDDI software is an RDI / RDDI interface for J-Link. It makes it possible to use J-Link with any RDI / RDDI compliant debugger. Read more