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SEGGER emWin (cont.)

Segger emWin

Related software

Available PC Tools
  • Simulation plus viewer
  • Bitmap converter
  • Font converter

emWin Starterkits

"Ready-to-go" starterkits allow you to work on real hardware and get familiar with emWin as well as with the microcontroller and other development tools.

emWin samples

A lot of samples "C" code are pr3vided to demonstrate the emWin features. and can also be used by customers in similar applications.

Graphics library (GUI)

  • Bitmaps of different color depths supported
  • Bitmap converter included
  • Absolutely no floating-point usage
  • Fast line/point drawing (without floating-point usage)
  • Very fast drawing of circles/polygons
  • Different drawing modes
  • Variety of Fonts included
  • Touch-screen and Mouse support included
  • Simulation included

LCD Support

All LCDs can be supported.

Drivers can be written for all types of LCDs, including monochrome, gray scale passive and active color(TFT) displays. LCD drivers for all common LCDs already exist.

List of supported display controllers


  • A variety of different fonts are shipped with the basic software: 4*6, 6*8, 6*9, 8*8, 8*9, 8*16, 8*17, 8*18, 24*32, and proportional fonts with pixel-heights of 8, 10, 13, 16
  • New fonts can be defined and simply linked in
  • Only the fonts used by the application are actually linked to the resulting executable, resulting in minimum ROM usage
  • Fonts are fully scalable, separately in X and Y
  • Font converter available; any font available on your host system (i.e. Microsoft Windows) can be converted

Color management

emWin features an integrated, very efficient color management system. This system allows conversion of logical colors (RGB format) into the physical colors which your LCD can display at run time. This way your application does not really need to be concerned to much with the available colors, LCDs can easily be interchanged. For optimized applications, the system can also display bitmaps using indices generated at (pre-)compile time by the application programmer or by the bitmap converter.

Small memory footprint

emWin has been designed to have a memory footprint as small as possible. Various configuration switches allow tailoring the software to perfectly match your needs, reducing memory consumption to a minimum. The memory requirements vary depending on which parts of the software are used and how efficient your target compiler is. It is therefore not possible to specify precise values, but the following applies to typical systems:

Small systems (no window manager)

  • RAM: 100 bytes
  • Stack: 500 bytes
  • ROM: 10-25 kb (depending on the functionality used)

Big systems (incl. window manager and widgets)

  • RAM: 2-6kb (depending on number of windows required)
  • Stack: 1200 bytes
  • ROM: 30-60kb (depending on on the functionality used)

Layer structure

emWin has been redesigned from scratch. It consists of 4 layers, which can be used individually:

Layer 4: Window manager

Layer 3: Widget library

Layer 2: Graphic library

Layer 1: LCD Driver(s)

Trial Version and Documentation

DOWNLOAD SEGGER emWin Trial Version and documentation.