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SEGGER emLoad:

Embedded Software Update Anytime, Anywhere

emLoad is a software for program updates for embedded applications via serial interface from a PC. The software consists of a Windows program and a program for the target application (bootloader) in source code form.



  • Portable to any CPU, any FLASH
  • Configurable
  • Optional password
  • 100 % save & fast: CRC-check implemented
  • Easy to use
  • Supports: Intel hex (.hex) and Motorola S (.mot) files

HEX Load

An increasing number of embedded applications uses in-circuit reprogrammable memory chips. These chips can be dedicated EEPROM or FLASH-memory chips or microcontroller with on-chip FLASH-memory.

The advantage of this technology compared to the old generation of on-time programmable or mask programmed chips is obvious: The application can be reprogrammed at any time, i.e. after assembly of the hardware or even after shipment at customers site in case of a bug or new features.

emLoad Screenshot

The only things required are an embedded application with a FLASH-type memory for program storage, a communications interface (typ. RS-232) and the software for application and PC: emload.

Trial Version and Documentation

DOWNLOAD SEGGER emLoad Trial Version and documentation.