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Extend your Embedded Systems with USB Peripherals and Devices!

Segger’s USB host software stack implements full USB host functionality, including external hub support, and optionally provides device class drivers. It enables developers to easily add USB host functionality to embedded systems.

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The emUSB-Host stack complies with the USB standard specifications as set by the USB Implementors Forum. It supports all transfer modes (control, bulk, interrupt, isochronous) at all speeds. USB pipe management and extended error recovery mechanisms required for reliable operation are implemented internally. Sophisticated test procedures ensure the reliability and quality of the USB host stack.

emUSB-Host's modular design enables applications to either access the USB host programming interface directly or to use APIs exposed by class drivers.

emUSB-Host can handle multiple devices as well as hubs simultaneously and fully supports hot plugging of devices and hubs. The programming interface supports dynamic device enumeration and identification.

Advantages of adding USB host to your hardware

  • Low cost: The USB connector and the corresponding components are normally cheaper than alternative communication interfaces.
  • Reliable: The USB protocol contains integrated measures to ensure data integrity. Errors are detected by the transmitter and data can be retransmitted.
  • Versatile: USB host allows to connect with virtually any other technology. Using a USB host port network connectivity can be added by connecting an Ethernet-over-USB adapter. User input can be added by connecting an external USB display, USB keyboard and USB mouse. Storage capacity can be extended by connecting an MSD stick or hard drive.
  • Fast: Multiple speed modes are provided by the USB protocol to accommodate the application's needs.
  • Expandable: USB hubs can be used to connect multiple devices to a USB host.
  • Easy to use: The end user only has to connect a cable, a USB device is enumerated without the need for user configuration.

More information about emUSB Host

Download the user manual of emUSB Host