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Why choose Carnica Technology ?

Professional Solutions for the Professional Developer

We firmly believe that professional developers deserve professional tools — this is an unchanged truth — although developers must face technical challenges over time.

In the early days, focus was on providing C compilers as an alternative to assembly language. The big issue was memory limitations and fitting an application onto a small chip. Today, integration is the most key function for an embedded developer—a suite of tools that work together right out of the box.

  • Were you ever involved in a development project in which functional requirements were everything but crystal clear?
  • Have you ever considered a project schedule to be overly optimistic?
  • Did you ever curse a collection of renowned development tools that sadly enough refused to work together?
  • Or does your management focus on cutting development costs and reusing code?

If YOU said YES to one or more of these questions, then we should talk - there is most certainly a lot we can do to improve the quality and functionality of your tool chain - and, in doing so, the results of your work. Contact us.

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Embedded Software

Your Life could be easy when everything plays

There will probably never be a machine that takes care of everything for you, but we believe that development tools can play a vital role in making your work easier. That’s why we recommend a suite of development tools that work the same way you do.

Tool suites are traditionally created around the needs of particular microcontroller architectures. Some tool vendors develop C compilers. Some write real-time operating systems, and others manufacture hardware debuggers.

How do you, as a developer, really know that they all work together?
Well, you don’t. At least not until you’ve tried them.

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Making sure it all works together

We’d much prefer if you did not have to spend time on configuring the tools and interfaces between them. We consider it our responsibility to ensure developers are getting a set of tools in their hands which are fully integrated.

In this sense, integrated refers to tools that interface with each other from a technical perspective and an entire portfolio of tools, utilities and middleware that are designed to support good development methodologies and give you flexibility and guidance:

  • Familiar feel and intuitive user interfaces
  • Tool assistance throughout development
  • Ready-made project examples and templates
  • Code and tools reuse across projects and targets
  • Well-tested technical interfaces
  • Established technical support programs
  • Open architecture and extensive partner offerings

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What you get from us for your next Embedded Project

From CARNICA TECHNOLOGY you can get the most productive software development environment including

We have made sure that everything we provide for your project will work together effectively and seamlessly, as you would expect. Only if you as a developer can focus your entire creativity, intelligence and effort on your intellectual property, you will reach the maximum effectivity and the best result possible. Any friction and loss of time caused by incompatible tools will take you off of the road to your best project result.

Get an Overview of what we can offer for your next embedded project, or contact us right away.

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