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Our Profile

"One-Stop-Shop" for Your Embedded Development Project

CARNICA TECHNOLOGY is a Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) of top-of-the-line professional, complete software and hardware solutions and services for embedded systems and software development.

For the tools and services you will need, CARNICA TECHNOLOGY is your "One Stop Shop" for your embedded project.

Starting with consulting our clients in the conceptual phase of a project, to the technical proposal and sales of a complete project software and hardware tools and services solution, Carnica Technology provides all prerequisites for a successful development project.

Our Support Team is available to accompany our clients during each phase of a project, helping to ensure a successful realization of the development project.

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Our Experience is Your Advantage

More than 35 years of industrial experience in the embedded and electronic design market in a variety of successful projects at major companies build our foundation for customers to benefit from.

As VAR and authorized Distributor for leading, international tools and technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenija and Switzerland) CARNICA TECHNOLOGY is well positioned as a business partner for the electronics industry, providing complete solutions for advanced projects.

Since its inception, CARNICA TECHNOLOGY has served more than 200 companies in 9 European countries with successful project solutions. The list of our customer references reads like a "Who-is-Who" of the electronic industry in our geographic region.

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We focus on seamless Solutions

The primary focus of each embedded development engineer and project manager is to complete his project on time within the available budget. It is not his task to make the needed tools work together in a seamless manner. The trouble is that today's variety of software and hardware tool offerings are very confusing to the developer.

The result unfortunately is, that the developer wrestles unnecessarily trying to make his tools play together without friction instead of spending his time on the actual development work. Integration has become the most key function for an embedded developer today, to have tools at hand which work together right out of the box.

It is the primary focus of CARNICA TECHNOLOGY to ensure exactly this: We offer well integrated tool solutions working together efficiently. All software and hardware tools and solutions offered by CARNICA TECHNOLOGY are chosen carefully and well tested in their cooperative capabilities. This gives every customer the security to not loose time and money later in the project with unproductive work on tools integration.

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Our Mission is to help you save Time & Money

Our mission is to enable our clients to develop embedded systems and software solutions more economically with innovative methods to ensure and maximize business success.

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Where You find us
The head office of Carnica Technology is located in Austria/Carinthia.
However, the shortest way to access our services is to call us at Phone +43 699 12300010 or email to
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"We do not remain good, without always thriving to become better."
Gottfried Keller