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Course: Using C++ in Embedded Systems

Who Should Attend?

Software developers having to use their C++ knowledge in embedded systems.


Good working knowledge of C++.


2 days

Course Description:

Using C++ in embedded systems requires a detailed understanding of the manifold language capabilities and what they require in terms of system resources. Based on characteristic examples this course evaluates C++ language features with respect to their consequences concerning memory and runtime resources, the most important criteria in embedded and/or realtime systems.

Thereby not only problems are shown but also what can be done to solve them. Additionally this course shows how to deal with hardware devices in an object oriented way. The related hands-on exercises are performed on ARM-based target boards.

Course Outline

Assessment of the Language Features
  • Object model
  • Object creation and deletion
  • Temporary Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Virtual functions
  • Operator overloading
  • Dynamic memory management
Mapping Hardware Devices
in an Object Oriented Way
  • Traditional solutions
  • Struct-based solution
  • Hardware device as a C++ object
  • Interrupt handling

On request this training course can be arranged also as customer internal training.
Contact us with your requirments for course type, number of participants and location.