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Newsletter in February 2024

                            - Annual industry get-together in Nuremberg
                             - SEGGER at the embedded world 2024
                                   - SVG-Support integrated in emWin
- Window-Cache increases emWin performance

 Dear Customer,

You will soon have "the" opportunity again to get all the answers you need for your new embedded project in one place, in a short time and without long distances.

The embedded world 2024 exhibition and conference (09. to 11.04.2024) presents itself for the 22nd time as the ultimate industry get-together in Nuremberg.

Annual industry get-together in Nuremberg
The embedded world 2024 exhibition in Nuremberg is the world's leading international trade fair for embedded systems. A large number of national and international exhibitors present themselves at the embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg and offer everything to do with the security of electronic systems, distributed intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The range of offerings includes products, services and solutions and shows the current state of all facets of embedded technologies, from components, modules and complete systems to operating systems and software, hardware and software tools and services relating to embedded systems.

High-caliber speakers from the international embedded scene will also report on the latest trends and technological solutions, present the latest research and development results and impart valuable practical knowledge in numerous specialist presentations and the accompanying specialist congresses at embedded world in Nuremberg.

Here you will find everything about the embedded world 2024.

SEGGER at the embedded world 2024
SEGGER will be showcasing its latest products at Embedded World 2024, presented by the product managers themselves. This gives you the unique opportunity to discuss your needs personally with the best specialists. More benefit is not possible.
Product highlights the the trade fair
Here are some (not all) product highlights from SEGGER at the trade fair:
Products of the year 2024
We are pleased to announce that the Flasher Secure with Target Encryption Link Package (TELP) - Debugger from SEGGER has been nominated in the category Embedded Hardware for the readers' choice "Products of the Year 2024" by WEKA Fachmedien.

You will find SEGGER in Hall 4, booth 4-367.
Here you can get a free ticket for admission to the trade fair.

SVG support integrated in emWin
The emWin graphics library from SEGGER now also supports scalable vector graphics (SVG) and thus offers developers a powerful and efficient solution for displaying scalable and rotatable graphics in embedded applications.

SVG is a vector-based image format written in XML. As an open standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), it is supported by most web browsers and desktop graphics programs.

The main advantages of SVG over raster image formats such as BMP, PNG, JPEG and GIF are its lossless scalability and significantly smaller file size.

Developers all over the world use emWin in many embedded
systems to create modern graphical user interfaces. While large systems benefit from the efficiency of the graphics library, emWin shows its advantages especially in small systems.

Vector graphics are a good way to save memory space. The use of emWin in conjunction with a GPU enables particularly fast rendering of SVG files.

emWin from SEGGER is regarded as the leading embedded graphics library and offers an efficient solution for graphical user interfaces (GUI) in applications with graphical displays. As a particularly flexible solution, emWin can work seamlessly with different processors and display controllers.

emWin is an innovative GUI solution for the embedded industry and is used in various markets such as industrial controls, Internet of Things (IoT), networking, consumer electronics, safety-critical devices, automotive, medical devices and avionics.

Read here for more ínformation about emWin and the new functions.

Window cache boosts emWin performance
SEGGER's emWin graphics library provides a window cache function that generally quadruples performance in larger systems with sufficient RAM.

The content of each window or widget is automatically cached in the available memory. If a window - or part of a window - needs to be redrawn, the function accesses the cache. This avoids the time-consuming process of re-rendering.

Configuration and use are very simple and only require one line of code to activate the use of the cache for all windows. Window caching can be set for all windows as a whole or individually.

This makes emWin ideal not only for small microcontrollers, but also for systems with high-resolution displays and sufficient RAM. Window caching eliminates the need for slow redrawing, improves performance, reduces CPU utilization and saves energy. The level of performance increase depends on the complexity of the content to be drawn.

Executing a graphics library in an embedded system requires considerable computing time. Most of the time is used for rendering. Minimizing the frequency of rendering speeds up an application considerably. This is exactly what emWin's window caching does, typically achieving a fourfold increase in performance.

SEGGER's emWin is recognized as the leading embedded graphics library and provides an efficient graphical user interface (GUI) solution for applications with graphical displays. Thanks to its flexibility, emWin can work seamlessly with different processors and display controllers. The software is suitable for both single and multitask environments and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications.

Here you will find more information about SEGGER emWin graphics library with Window caching.

Product News
Every year, our partner companies use embedded world as a platform for presenting new products - don't miss the opportunity to plan your visit.

Take advantage of the opportunities at the show: If you are looking for help with a particular project, or would like to meet a specialist, make an appointment as soon as possible. The three days of the fair will quickly be fully booked.

There is no substitute for face-to-face meetings. Not even the Internet. So it's hardly surprising that embedded world's importance as a place for discussions, advice and your personal network of business contacts and friends is growing year on year.

With this in mind, I wish you good networking and a useful trade fair.

Yours sincerely,
Marian A. Wosnitza

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