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(Philip Rosenthal (1961-2001), German entrepreneur)

Newsletter in December 2023

                         - No more guesswork with trace visualization
                                           - Testing means TESSY
                                     - Test services from a professional
- Why SEGGER ? 
 - J-Link EDU Mini available from stock
- SEGGER officially supports debugging in Visual Studio Code
- The countdown is on 

 Dear Customer,

Your RTOS code still has errors? What now? Keep looking?

It's enough to drive you crazy. What looks like simple RTOS tasks are causing errors and performance issues that you just can't track down.

No more guesswork with trace visualization 
Does your code suffer from any of these common symptoms?

O  Slow performance
O  The system locks up or stops responding
O  Intermittent data loss or corruption
O  Tasks work well in isolation, but not as a complete system

To resolve the issues, you need to understand the exact sequence of software events that caused them, including the interactions between your application and the RTOS. Trace visualization shows you exactly how your software works - in real situations and in real time.

Common RTOS development errors can hold you up for weeks or longer. Read the white paper from Percepio. There you'll learn where they come from and how to spot them without the guesswork.

Download a free full version of Percepio Tracealyzer, the leading trace visualization tool for RTOS application development.

See exactly what's wrong with your software - and find the bugs that bring your development to a halt.

Get back to me for a commercial license of Tracealyzer. 

Testing means TESSY
RAZORCAT is known for powerful testing tools and testing services for embedded systems.

The most prominent product is TESSY, a certified unit and integration test tool for embedded systems based on C/C++, developed by Razorcat.

The current version TESSY 5.1 has been qualified by TÜV Süd for safety-relevant software development in accordance with the IEC 61508, IEC 62304, ISO 26262 and EN 50128 standards.

I would like to draw your attention to two white papers from RAZORCAT that are worth reading and are still up to date. The author of both articles is Michael Wittner, Managing Director of RAZORCAT Development GmbH. You can download both white papers free of charge.

The challenge in testing different software variants lies in the fact that each variant must be tested in its entirety.

The white paper "Software Variants Testing made easy" describes a method for reusing and adopting defined basic tests in order to avoid redundancies in the individual tests. The entire test must be maintained separately for each change to the application.

The second white paper deals with the certification of safety-critical systems, especially in avionics systems, where extensive testing of the entire system functionality is required. A proven tool-supported test process can significantly reduce the costs and time required for certification. 

The necessary documentation is automatically generated for each test result of each system requirement. The entire test process, from analyzing the requirements to evaluating the test results for each requirement, is illustrated in the white paper "Ready-to-deploy Certification Testing and Traceability" using a real project example.

If you want to familiarize yourself with TESSY, I can offer you the unrestricted full version for testing.

Testing services from a professional
Testing is essential to ensure first-class quality in your software development. As a producer of various testing tools, RAZORCAT has specialized in quality assessment and testing of embedded software as a leading provider of testing services for embedded systems.

RAZORCAT's extensive expertise in complying with industry standards and understanding customer requirements forms the basis for providing expert testing services. These testing services include consulting, defining the test strategy, providing overview reports and test execution.

SEGGER offers a complete set of tools for embedded systems, but also support throughout the entire development process. SEGGER has decades of experience as an embedded expert. SEGGER software is not subject to any open source or required attribution license and can be integrated into any commercial or proprietary product without the obligation to disclose the source code.

SEGGER offers stability in an often volatile industry, making SEGGER a very reliable partner for long-term successful collaboration.

SEGGER J-Link EDU Mini available from stock
The J-Link EDU Mini is a compact, budget-friendly model of the J-Link debugger designed for educational use. Despite its reduced size, the J-Link features are retained, i.e. fast download rates to the internal flash memory of supported microcontrollers and the setting of unlimited breakpoints in the flash memory. 

After a long period of unavailability, the J-Link EDU Mini is now once again available to educational institutions, private individuals and students who want to learn more about programming and debugging embedded systems. You can purchase the J-Link EDU Mini directly from us for € 49.98 plus VAT.

The list of supported manufacturers, families and devices and SoCs includes tens of thousands of devices in hundreds of device families.

All software is included free of charge. As the rightful owner of a SEGGER J-Link, you can always download the latest software for free. Note that older models may not be supported by newer versions of the software.

The J-Link software and documentation package is available here.

SEGGER supports debugging in Visual Studio Code
All devices in the SEGGER J-Link family - from J-Link BASE and J-Link PRO to J-Link EDU Mini and J-Link OB - now officially support debugging of embedded systems in Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

As a free open source tool, VS Code is a popular tool for software development and is often used for the development of embedded projects. Its extensions offer additional functions for debugging embedded systems and thus go beyond pure source code editing.

By supporting J-Link, the most widely used debug probe on the market, functions such as I/O via RTT or SWO, Live Watches and RTOS Awareness enable efficient debugging in VS code.

Without additional licenses, the SEGGER J-Link offers support for countless microcontrollers and platforms for embedded systems.

The official support of J-Link and VS Code is SEGGER's commitment to the embedded software community. SEGGER has ensured full integration and offers sample projects, tutorials and official documentation on the subject.

This makes J-Link the perfect debugging tool for all users of VS Code. VS Code and all J-Link tools are available for Linux, macOS and Windows and support 32-bit and 64-bit systems on ARM, Intel and Apple Silicon.

J-Link comes with free software and firmware updates - with no hidden or future costs. If you are interested, please contact me for a J-Link quote.

Countdown is on
The last few weeks before Christmas are always full of ambivalence for me. On the one hand, Christmas is just around the corner and I want to get into the right mood for it, but on the other hand, we all still have hectic days and weeks ahead of us to improve our business results at the end of the year. The countdown is on!

Not an easy balancing act - "Operational hectic is a sure remedy against a life in balance" said Cay von Fournier. I hope you find your right balance!

In 20 years, more than 250 customers have placed their trust in us. They have become loyal regular customers and form the solid basis of our company. We can be very proud of this.

Our aim is to continue to be a reliable partner for your embedded projects in the future. Ultimately, we owe our earnings to you, who appreciate our work. 
I would like to thank you for this. 

Our product and solution portfolio will continue to offer you experienced advice, sound support and valuable, useful tools for your demanding embedded projects in 2024.

It only remains for me to thank you for another year of loyal readership of our Newsletter and, above all, for the pleasant and successful collaboration this year. I wish you a peaceful and relaxing Christmas season with many positive feelings.

Yours sincerely,
Marian A. Wosnitza

I will be happy to write to you again on February 01, 2024

„Nobody squanders their money on others,
 but everyone wastes his time and his life.“
(Michel Eyquem de Montaigne(1533-1592), French politician & philosopher)