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SEGGER Embedded MiddleWare Bundles

SEGGER Microcontroller now offers core products of the middleware portfolio as bundles with a selection of popular options and additional components.

Middleware product bundles are now available in Austria with a big price advantage, with savings of up to 33% compared to the sum of its individual components.

MiddleWare PRO Bundles

emWin PRO

Graphics Software Bundle with Complete graphic library, ANSI "C"-source code for 8/16/32 bit CPUs for embedded applications, including:
  • emWin BASIC color (3.00.01)
  • GUIDRV Display Driver (3.10.xx)
  • emWin WM/Widgets (3.01.00)
  • emWin Memory Devices (3.01.02)
  • emWin Antialiasing (3.01.03)
Single Product Source Code License Price € 9.800,--
(15% Bundle Savings compared to sum of components)


File system Bundle for embedded applications, supporting FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 including:
  • emFile FAT (2.00.01)
  • emFile FAT LFN Module (2.10.10)
  • emFile device driver NAND (2.10.01)
  • emFile device driver CF/IDE (2.10.02)
  • emFile device driver SD/MMC (2.10.03)
  • emFile device driver NOR (2.10.04)
Single Product Source Code License: Price € 4.380,--
(37% Bundle Savings compared to sum of components)

All bundles are available as source code versions for a maximum of flexibility and customization to the project.

All prices are net in EURO, plus VAT and shipping. Prices apply to a Single product source code license (SP-SCL) and Single developer source code license (SSL). Product family, CPU licenses and buyouts are available upon request.
(xx.xx.xx) indicate Segger Part Numbers.