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NEW: Tracealyzer Version v3.2

Percepio released Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS version v3.2,


Tracealyzer v3.2 adds powerful filtering functions to reduce the amount of data that must be sent to the monitoring host computer. This makes Tracealyzer applicable to a wider range of development setups.

Today we are happy to present version 3.2 of Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS. The new version is available for download from immediately. Registered customers with a license for Tracealyzer 3 for FreeRTOS can upgrade to the new version for free.

Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS v3.2 features an improved recorder module with a new filtering system. This makes it easy to focus the trace on the most relevant parts of your firmware, giving excellent possibilities to reduce the amount of trace data generated and allowing for streaming RTOS traces over a wider range of I/O interfaces.

Updated recorder and filters

The updated recorder also makes it easier to create your own custom stream ports. Only two definitions are typically now needed, a “read” and a “write” function. This way, you can set up Tracealyzer to use any available I/O interface in your system for the RTOS trace.

In case I/O performance is a bottleneck, you can now define a filter to reduce the amount of trace data sent to the host. You can filter out events based on the FreeRTOS object type, such as semaphores or message queues, or by event type. The two types of filtering can be combined if necessary.

FreeRTOS now, other OSes later

Together with many smaller fixes and improvements, these additions make Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS v3.2 applicable to a wider range of development setups, allowing more developers to benefit from Percepio’s leading RTOS visualization in their debugging efforts.

Tracealyzer v3.2 is available for FreeRTOS now. The new features will be rolled into releases for other RTOSes Percepio supports, including Keil RTX5 and VxWorks, at a later time.

For a full change log, see

Download Tracealyzer

If you have a Professional Edition license for Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS version 3.x and an active Maintenance and Support agreement, this is a free upgrade. Just download and install! The Free Edition has also been updated and no longer requires registration to use.

Want to learn more?

The best way to learn is to download Tracealyzer for your platform and explore the features using included demo trace. The installer gives you a 10-day evaluation period with full functionality, so you can try it on your own system. You may also want to read more about the different Tracealyzer products on the Tracealyzer page, there you find sub-pages for each product. We can happy to provide a personal online demo in case you want to know more about specific features.