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Internet & Network Products for Embedded Systems

SEVENSTAX offers highly efficient implementations of numerous internet protocols and corresponding applications. SEVENSTAX products are developed especially for the use in embedded systems and according to their specific requirements. The implementations are stable, reliable, scalable and can be easily integrated into existing software.

SEVENSTAX software products meet maximum quality requirements. The development processes comply with requirements of many fields where safety is highly relevant.

Therefore, SEVENSTAX software is compliant to many guidelines of static code analysis (MISRA, QAC) and the implementations follow the guidelines for complexity metrics and source code documentation.

SEVENSTAX operates a fully equipped test laboratory with automated test benchmarks. Their tests are always performed under consideration of highest source code coverage.

Different microcontrollers, soft cores in FPGAs and DSPs ranging from 16 to 32 bit, are supported. The code is written in ANSI-C and optimized for minimum resource consumption and maximum performance.

Since a decade SEVENSTAX products have been used in several internationally active companies. In every single project, the mission of Sevenstax is to achieve highest customer satisfaction. Sevenstax offers conceptual support in an early stage of your project.

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